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Realtor Website & Social Media - Built a brand new website from scratch for a top 1% Charlotte, NC realtor. Showcased houses sold, video tours, and client testimonies, in addition to new listings. I replicated this content on her social media pages, keeping a consistent aesthetic while showcasing her success and experience in the industry.


Travel Ball Softball Team - Designed website from scratch, including athlete profiles, statistics, team schedules, coaching staff, etc. to showcase the athletes and the organization. This coaching staff is adding 3 new teams, so I am working with them to expand their website.


Home Staging Website - Built a brand new website from scratch. Showed before and after pictures of occupied and vacant homes that the client had staged. Added testimonies and client awards for future customers to reference.

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Jewelry Small Business - Posted clients jewelry pieces on Instagram, which linked to her website and Etsy accounts. Designed the profile to be aesthetically pleasing to customers. Updated products on Etsy profile as well. 

PP website_edited.jpg

Academic Advising Website - Redesigned an existing website with several services and booking options. This website included contact forms on every page & a results tab for consumers to see the success our client has had. I linked this to 2 new social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

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Sports Hat/Apparel Website - Built a brand new e-commerce website from scratch, as well as a new company logo. Client sells college and professional sports teams hats, apparel, and accessories - so I designed the store for customers to purchase off the site. 


Blog - Created and built a brand new website from scratch. Our client blogs about the journey of new home construction giving tips on how to build a home to followers. Followers can follow the clients blog, and join their newsletter email list. I also linked their Amazon Storefront so customers can shop their look. 

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High School Track/XC Team - Designed graphics including athlete profiles, statistics, team rankings, etc. to help the athletes get recruited to compete in college. This team had 4 girls ranked in the top 25 in the nation for their events, several state championships, amongst other great accomplishments.

So Cal Athletics - 18U Gomez (29).png
So Cal Athletics - 18U Gomez (26).png
So Cal Athletics - 18U Gomez (28).png
So Cal Athletics - 18U Gomez (27).png

Travel Ball Softball Team - Designed graphics including athlete profiles, statistics, tournament schedules, accolades, etc. to help the athletes get recruited to compete in college. This team has had multiple girls already commit to play college ball in the few months that I have helped them.

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Upscale Retail Boutique - This unique store provides job training for individuals with disabilities. I posted pictures of their items in store, encouraged traffic to each of their social media platforms & website, promoted sales, etc.


Photography Prop Vintage Car Business - Posted clients photos with engaging captions to attract new customers. This included building an Instagram profile from scratch, and growing the accounts followers. In addition, I designed flyers for car shows and auctions, in addition to creating a logo and business card for the client.


Untouched Medi Spa -  Redesigned a brand new website. This website allows patients to book their appointment with the Medi Spa. Per the clients request this website feels modern and trendy. I've updated all the services and added new tabs such as proven results, promotions and a booking page. I also have transformed their social media account posting intriguing content and increasing following! Lastly, I design other marketing tools such as brochures, pamphlets, flyers, posters, gift cards, etc.

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